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Since we last spoke…

February 18, 2012

Workout: 6 Miles 1:23:36

Hello All!
Sorry I’ve been away, but it’s been crazy!

I started my day off today with a little pre run breakfast.
Some english muffins from trader joes, with a little almond butter and some banana.. YUM.

I met my San Diego Track Club at Cal State San Marcos for a long run today around twin peaks. We set off around 7 am and got back 8:45 am. It was brutal! Let me just tell you it was difficult, hills, straight up but the views were beautiful.

Beautiful views

My running shadow 🙂

straight up hills!

The run killed me, I’m not used to running hills. I walked mostly all the hills and of course ran all the way back down. It totaled about 6 miles. On the way up, I started talking with another woman who gave me all these tips for first runners.

Tips like:
-if you get a side cramp raise your arms above your head, if you cant raise your arms while running slow down to a fast walk.
-if you’re running a long run by the ocean jump in after! Your legs will probably sore and numb after a long run, so they wont be in too much shock after jumping into the cold ocean. Ice baths can do the same trick.
-Before a long run or a race, you must eat a pre run fuel. You can’t go from sleeping thru the night with no food/fuel to running.

Got to get ready for work!

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