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February 12, 2012

Saturday: 7 miles

Today was long run day. I was already nervous, today’s long run called for an hour and a half. The most I’ve ran was an hour and ten minutes. It went well though. Well….it could have gone a bit better.

I had to try my new lululemon running skirt that I got on CLEARANCE!

Lulu skirts make me run fast!

After starting strong, I felt the urge to use the restroom.
Uh-oh, how could this be?? I went before I left the house! Just keep going Veronica, it may pass. You have to keep going! There is no bathroom around here!

Well, about 2 miles of that led to the conclusion that I couldn’t hold it and had to go. Luckily, I flagged down some golfers and they gave me the code to use their restroom. And just like that, back on the road again!!

I finished the last half strong, which makes me think I could have done a lot better and maybe got in two more miles if I didn’t have the whole bathroom episode. BUT, despite me thinking that I could have done better my husband reminded me what was important. He said, “focus on how far you have come. Don’t fail to appreciate what you have accomplished so far”. I love him. 🙂

I then proceeded to eat my breakfast when I got home. Trader Joes whole wheat mini pita bread with honey apple butter and banana. YUM. I stretched more, because we all know that it does wonders. I have since been a lazy bump on a log and it feels oh so good.

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